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Like a Tesla coil spliced into a nuclear reactor, the Steampunk movement has been sparking the imagination of millions of people worldwide. Some of its most visible ambassadors have been the musical artists who have adopted the aesthetic, the ideas, and the history, and interpreted it in their own unique ways.

Steampunk-Music.com's mission is to entice new and current fans to explore --and share freely--the music emerging from this genre without boundaries. From cabaret to metal to electronica to punk to chamber music to folk , there are few musical styles one won't find here. Each artist calls out to times past in their own way, through their words, their instrumentation, or simply the ideas behind the music.

Steampunks are known for their do-it-yourself work ethic. Many of the bands here are independent. Without label and media funding, they rely solely on word of mouth, old fashioned legwork, and the support of their fans. Listen to their work. Share it wherever and whenever possible.

The Founder
Mark Rossmore
Mark Rossmore has released three atmospheric albums of steampunk-inspired music as Escape the Clouds. A multimedia artist who enjoys telling dramatic stories, he has self-produced three acclaimed music videos and is a published author of steampunk short fiction, aviation articles, and music-related non-fiction. Learn more about his music, videos, and writing at: http://www.EscapeTheClouds.com .
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mark.rossmore
Twitter: @EscapeTheClouds
Web Site: http://www.EscapeTheClouds.com

The Crew
Lex Chase

The origins of Lex Chase are the stuff of legend. Discovered in a cocoon on the back of a fruit truck, her mother wanted to name her "Kiwi." Luckily, common sense intervened, so Pomelo it was.

While she plots the liberation of her fruity brethren, Lex is a journalist by day, novelist by night, and full-time cat parent. Her fiction focus is on supernatural adventure, where paranormal protagonists go on grand journeys to save the world and maybe themselves. She blogs about her writing adventures at http://lexchase.com and shares a picture of the occasional kitten. When all of the little girls in first grade said they were princesses, there was no mistaking Lex was a Martian.

You can find her frequently on that Twitter squawky box thing @westiebee

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LexChase
Twitter: @westiebee
Twitter: http://www.lexchase.com

Allison Curval
Allison Curval's love affair with composition began at the tender age of 11, writing 2 minute songs on Mario Paint. While the Super Nintendo is collecting dust at the bottom of her parents basement, Allison still writes music for The Clockwork Dolls.

A self-taught composer, Allison wrote her first recorded song back when she was 17, using her parents karaoke machine and a cheap knock-off Fender Stratocaster. The song was called “Chumbucket.” Thankfully, it never saw the light of day.

After repeated attempts to start a band, Allison quickly educated herself in music theory and writing complex electronica pieces. She eventually became involved in a synth pop project Digital Collapse. Unfortunately, the project caved, and Allison was left back where she started. Over the period of several years, Allison began experimenting with orchestral composition, and that's where the groundwork for The Clockwork Dolls was formed . Allison Curval, as a child, was given the option of playing either the piano or the violin...

She chose wisely.
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/allisoncurval
Twitter: @theclockworkdol
Twitter: http://www.theclockworkdolls.com/

Katya Ivanov
Katya Ivanov is a freelance writer, occasional screenwriter, and fabricator of accessories. She talks for a living as an announcer for a public radio station. She loves conversations with intriguing people and, with permission, shares them in her interview work.

Sean Peck
Sean Peck (AKA Pecktec: Time Traveling Gentleman Journalist) has lived most of his life in East Tennessee. He has worked as a photographer and private investigator, and he now keeps computers in line for the one of the largest movie theatre company in the world. Recently, YouTube became the latest outlet for his creative endeavors where he reports on steampunk culture, music, aquariums, and roller derby. Sean often utilizes family and friends as second shooters while doing interviews most notably his 12 year old daughter Karagen. You can find his videos here: youtube.com/user/pecktec
Twitter: http://www.youtube.com/user/pecktec

Baron von Velveteen
The Baron Von Velveteen is the band leader for the "The Velveteen Band" out of Ventura, Ca. He also is a multi instrumentalist for several other bands including, Cirque Noir, The Dita McEvil Project, and Artifact Corruption. The Baron enjoys taking tea at 4pm, is horrifyingly obsessed with Warhammer 40K, and loves to fly his bi-plane while blasting Finntroll.
Twitter: @fumthepuppet
Twitter: http://www.thevelveteenband.com

Valentine Wolfe
Braxton Ballew and Sarah Black have been composing and performing music together as Valentine Wolfe since 2006. Recently, their music was heard as part of the Warehouse Theater's production of The Merchant of Venice. They were also guest composers at Furman University and wrote the score for The Winter’s Tale. Both hold graduate degrees from the University of Georgia, where they studied electronic composition with Dr. Leonard V. Ball. In addition, Sarah completed her Masters degree in composition studying with Dr. Adrian P. Childs. She currently studies voice with Dr. Lisa Barksdale from Furman University. Braxton holds a DMA in Double Bass Performance and has studied with Milton Masciadri, Albert Laszlo, and James Barket. He is the Education Director of the Greenville Symphony Orchestra and a member of the double bass section.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Valentine-Wolfe/94664088700?fref=ts
Twitter: @Valentine_Wolfe
Twitter: http://www.valentinewolfe.com/


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